The start of something great...

Its such a great honour to have you to come to the residence to celebrate our opening of the new co-living space.

We come all the long way: from nothing to something; from scratch to Slash; from welcoming new faces to building connection with happy faces. We have done it.

I remembered when we were having the first view by a young charming guy. He went in to view the room and then proclaimed “deal”, its like a bombshell only to realise he is taking this room. Then several more boys moving in, and we were desperate to get a girl to keep the balance! Then the moment came when a lovely girl came to view the flat! I was so determined to make a deal I confidently persuaded her not to view other flats and placed a deposit on us. It is grateful that we have a bunch of young, vibrant and friendly residents decided on staying with us. We chat we dine we joke we laugh, the bonding chemistry beyonds my imagination and expectation!

Although Slash is just one of the landing pads of our residents’ journey, and one day they will depart to head for another destination, Slash is proud to be one of them and we sincerely hope their journey in Hong Kong is fruitful and meaningful.

Thank you :)

#SoftLaunchParty #Slash #SlashLiving #SlashBurn

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