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Navigating through a myriad of factory buildings in Chai Wan, led by the aromatic flavours of malts, we finally arrived at the headquarters of Hong Kong Beer Company. The Slash Living Team is honoured to have a private visit to one of the finest breweries in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Beer Co is the first craft brewery in Hong Kong that was established in 2005. They combine the finest ingredients from the world with craftsmanship in Hong Kong to create award winning craft beers being served locally and internationally.

We started our journey of beer by asking permission through the doors guarded by two traditional Chinese Door Gods, which are divine Guardians of Gods to protect from evil influences and encourage the entrance of positive ones.

Once cleared entrance by the Door Gods, Tony patiently introduced us to their brewing process and educated us on different categories of beers. We couldn’t help but notice the perfectly choreographed movements of malt grains milling, the strong aromatic senses of steaming tanks, the musical sounds of freshly packaged bottles clinging. All that drama to create a bottle that brings a smile to our faces.

A visit to a brewery is never complete without a complete tasting of available brews. From their collection of innovative brews, the Slash Team recommends the one and only flagship Hong Kong Beer - The amber ale representing Hong Kong that is smooth and refreshing, with a sweet flavour of caramel malt topped with a slight citrusy hoppy aroma.

We were definitely impressed by the dedication to perfection of the production team to ensure each and every bottle that comes out from the brewery meets the highest standards and consistency represented by the brand.

Hong Kong Beer Co has a beer for every occasion, on the ground and in the air at 35,000ft.

The Slash Living Team know where we will be ordering our beer, do you?

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