What is co-living?

Co-living is not physical walls of residency providing water and electricity.

Co-living is when flatmates wake you up in the morning.

Co-living is when flatmates waiting for others to dine together.

Co-living is when flatmates go hiking together.

Co-living is when flatmates orchestrate in laughters.

Co-living is when flatmates take care of you when you fall ill.

Co-living is when flatmates are like friends and family.

Co-living is when bonding grows everyday.

Co-liivng is when farewell speech brings tears and banters.

It is almost beyond words on describing Slash, our newborn co-living place and folks, our beloved good-vibe individuals. But this is what we believe co-living should be.

Good luck to our friends who have completed their journey at Slash and have embarked on new adventures in life.

Until next time.

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